Our Story

In 2019, Timi Ajiboye's friend Eniola told him about a problem she often faced on her trips — finding pretty places to take pictures — and a great idea for a travel app that could fix it. Timi agreed and came up with a name that stuck: Backdrop. He knew he couldn’t build it alone, so he reached out to us, Damilola and Dimeji.


As executives and entrepreneurs with a background in tech and digital media, we have always been passionate about making the lives of young people better. Every time we travel, we find that the first thing people do when they visit a beautiful space is take pictures — and then share with their friends. Our generation is obsessed with aesthetically pleasing spaces and finding hidden gems, and we think this should be a lot easier to do.

There’s currently no go-to app to find pretty places. While you can stumble upon picturesque places on other apps, they aren’t built primarily for travel discovery. They have many other content and features that end up serving as barriers in the way of the traveller, photographer or influencer looking specifically for good looking places to take pictures.

Backdrop is here to change that.

We are passionate about community and hope to become the go-to travel companion and travel discovery app that helps our community explore the coolest, most underrated destinations in the world.