Our Story

As an avid traveller, Damilola found the process of planning trips and discovering beautiful places to visit unnecessarily difficult. “I often needed to use multiple travel blogs and social media apps and also ask people who had visited these countries for ideas on where to visit. However, as tastes differ, this can often be hit-or-miss.”

As executives with a background in tech and digital media, we have always been passionate about improving young people's lives. Every time we travel, we find the first thing people do when they visit a beautiful space is take pictures and share them with friends.

Our generation is obsessed with aesthetically pleasing spaces and finding hidden gems, and this should be a lot easier to do.

How? By bringing social media into travel in a seamless way.

As a social network for finding and sharing beautiful places, our goal is to make location discovery and travel planning easier for Gen Zs and millennials.

Social media is already an integral part of the travel industry - making it easier for people to discover new destinations and helping the travel industry reach new audiences. But existing social platforms aren't purpose-built for travel or location discovery. They have other content and features that end up being barriers for the traveller or content creator looking specifically for beautiful places to visit.

This also makes it difficult for businesses in travel and hospitality to reach their desired audience cost-effectively.

“I love to travel, but I love efficient processes just as much. Backdrop is here to change that” - Damilola Odufuwa, CEO & co-founder.